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Pi-Lit® Landing Zone Kit (or the LZ Kit) includes 5 radio-linked flares that contain both visible LEDs and infrared LEDs. The smart radio connectivity creates a "constellation" flash pattern where all the flare flash in synchrony. The ground crew can easily change to a steady glow pattern by simply using one flare or a remote control. 

The Pi-Lit® LZ Kit allows you to navigate helicopter landings with enhanced safety. Simultaneous flashing creates a larger, more easily identifiable area for the pilot to see. With a cacophony of police, fire, and ambulance lights in close proximity, pilots rely on Pi-Lit® LZ Kit for a safe landing. Each LZ flare is equipped with visible Green and infrared LEDs. For pilots who prefer to use Night Vision Goggles, the ground crew can use any one flare to activate the Infrared LEDs to flash on all the flares. This helps to guide pilots safely to the clear landing zone. Designed for Military, law enforcement, emergency medical service (MedEvac) applications, the LZ flares need to stand up to harsh environments while staying compact. Each kit includes ballasted range extender bases that prevent the LZ flares from moving/flying from rotor wash.

  • Radio communication 2.4 GHZ (ISM band) 

  • Range between LZ Flares 31 metres 

  • IP65 rated Water, snow, dust resistant (can withstand any weather event)

  • Side LEDs and top LEDs 12 Infra-red side LEDs, 4 visible green top LEDs (configurable)

  • Options Simultaneous flash or steady glow and choose between visible light only, Infra-red light only, or alternating (default)

  • Rechargeable system option

    • 20 hours of continuous flash​

    • RDS™ (Rapid Deployment System) turns on flare when removed from case

    • Carrying/Charging case, ballasted range extenders, DC 12/24V car charger plug, AC wall charger plug

  • Alkaline system option

    • 36 hours of continuous flash​

    • Battery status with a push of a button

    • Carrying case, ballasted range extenders, alkaline batteries, spare alkaline batteries

  • Warranty 1-year manufacturer's warranty

  • FCC Compliant

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