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Introducing pi-lits® new standard in sequential guidance lamps. The Sequential Contractor+ Barricade Lamp uses a familiar proven plastic design that can withstand the toughest conditions on the roadway. The team at pi-lit® also designed a new, easy to use “Pairing” mode that makes syncing lamps even easier. Through experience and feedback of the old “Group Channel” system, the new “Pairing” mode allows users to seamlessly create a sequential taper without the worry of designating a “Group Channel”.

  • 5-button design Allows for all features at your finger-tips

  • Strengthened latch design For easy battery change

  • Radio communication 2.4 GHZ (ISM band) 

  • Range between lamps 330 metres 

  • Powered by 4 D Alkaline Batteries

  • Long battery life 5+ months of continuous flash

  • Light weight 2.6 lbs with batteries

  • Visible At 920 metres on clear night

  • Built Strong Durable poly-carbonate lens and high impact polypropylene housing

  • Uni-directional For extended battery life and consistent mounting (single sided lens)

  • Exceeds MUTCD, ITE Specifications and is NHCRP-350. State DOT Approved

  • Smart radio technology Automatically synchronizes the lamps and automatic sync of replacement lamp

  • Control Any lamp controls entire string of lamps. Turn off entire string of lamps from one lamp

  • Flash options Five flash march patterns to choose from

  • Steady-burn With or without sequential flash

  • Options 24-hour flash operation or night time only flash

  • Battery status indicator

  • Remote control capable

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