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The OZ Radial Nano is the perfect compact solution for your on-the-go odour control needs. This generator was specifically designed to quietly seek out and destroy odours and bacteria that get in its path. Our innovative CycleClean™ technology allows the generator to moderate the output by alternating active and resting phases which helps achieve maximum efficiency and battery life.

  • Ozone technology Destroys virtually all types of odours

  • CycleClean™ technology Moderates on/off to achieve maximum output efficiency

  • 360 degree output For optimum ozone dispersal

  • Small, compact design Roughly the size of a soda can

  • Rechargeable Battery lasts for up to 5 hours

  • USB charging port Allows you to charge devices on the go

  • Four operating modes Regular, cycle, boost and boosted cycle

  • Inset button Prevents accidental activation

  • Tether strap included Allows unit to be hung anywhere you need it!

  • OZ products are not intended for in-the-field use.

WARNING: Ozone products are intended for use in unoccupied spaces

INSTRUCTIONS: Click here to view the OZ product manual.

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