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Ozone is universally known as a natural way to clean and refresh just about anything. Our OZ products are designed for versatility and can be used almost anywhere. We do not believe that any product should have a singular use, but rather be designed to fit into nearly every facet of your life. From hunting to camping, to pet and beyond, the OZ line of products continues to find more and more uses to save you money and improve the environments around.


"We started using the OZRadial EZ portable deodorizer since for the past month and what a difference it has made.  When returning from a fire scene, the odors become buried in the cabs of the trucks, now with using the CycleClean technology, the odors are gone.  A fire fighter’s safety is paramount, and if we can help by eliminating some of the carcinogens that they are exposed to, why wouldn’t we do our best to protect them?" 

- Cameron Abrey, Dauphin Fire Chief 

"We started using the OZ500 in our 1200sqft chemical storage shed a few months ago and wow, what a difference.  I didn’t think this unit would be able to mask the constant odor in such a large space, but after the first day of running on a cycle we could tell the odor was pretty much gone!  We have some pretty strong smelling product in there as well that this unit is situated next to and night and day difference if this unit is running or not.  So far after 3 months of running the unit on continuous cycle, we have had no issues and now working in the chemical shed couldn’t be better, as the staff don’t need to put up with the constant smell.  We are very pleased with our OZ500, and we have also purchased a few of the smaller OZ100 to put in our office, and a few other out buildings with great luck with them as well!"

- Graham McIntosh, Nutrien Ag Solutions Branch Manager

"Since the pandemic of Covid-19 made our Dept adjust to doing things differently for the safety of our Fire Fighters, the Oz Radial EZ ozonater was purchased to assist in cleaning the cabs of our apparatus. It has worked wonderfully in removing smoke and other odors from the cabs and equipment located in the cabs. It is also rated for sterilizing the area at the same time. We hang the unit in the cab for a 12 hour period and the job is done. It is a peace of mind knowing that the area of close confines, is clean for our Fire Fighters to respond to calls. The Oz Radial EZ works great for us and I would highly recommend this product."

- Andy Thiessen, Morden Fire Chief

"The Darlingford Fire Dept recently purchased the OZ Radial EZ for eliminating odours in our fire trucks. We were looking for something to remove lingering smells that washing alone could not remove. The OZ Radial EZ provides us the power to safely remove odours from SCBA harnesses and any truck compartments. It has the added advantage of killing bacteria and viruses which is a definite plus in our profession. The 4 cycle times allow us to adjust the length of time that the unit needs to run and the rechargeable battery feature lets us use the unit virtually anywhere. We have been very pleased with the results." 

- Cal Funk, Darlingford Fire Chief

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